Saturday, May 29, 2010


Hank is obsessed with brushing his teeth. Every time he goes into the bathroom and sees his tooth brush he has to brush his teeth. He pulls up his little stool and waits for us to turn on the water.

I guess he could have worse obsessions:)

Bye Bye Bel Air!

Hank "helping" with the move.

We settled on our house Thursday and are so relieved to have the move behind us. We are now living in our temporary home, a trailer we are renting until our house is built. We did most of our moving last weekend, and I finished up with cleaning and getting the last bit of things out Monday- Wednesday.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mid May Madness!

We are in the process of moving now so things are hectic! We settle on our house May 27 (Good Lord willing!) The week before last was the week from hell, as it felt like one thing after another was going wrong, such as problems with our lender for our construction loan, problems with our home inspection on our current house. But things appear to be coming along now.

I started to pack last week and we are going to move our furniture and boxes out this weekend. I can't wait to have our house completed so that we will once again have all our possessions in one place and not in storage, my parents basement, and my in-laws attic.

In spite of all of this we did manage to have a nice weekend with Hank. I took him to the playground on Saturday. Actually most of his weekend included a lot of outside time, which is his favorite place to be now. He always wants to be "Out."

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Summer is right around the corner!

Turn your back for a second and he's in the sink, but he was scrubbing it:)

Grammy fills up the watering can just so Hank can play. He LOVES water!

Hank was excited to see the crabs, or "fish."

He has a four wheeler at each Grandparents. LOVES anything with wheels!

Sidewalk caulk = Sunny Days.

I was a fishing widow for at least 1/2 the weekend, but now I have my little man to carry me through. Actually Brant got home early Saturday evening and we went to his parents who were getting crabs. Summer is here once you can eat crabs outside! Hank was calling them "fish." That is one of his current favorite words, at least he knows they come from the same place.