Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Brotherly Love.

Hank still thinks his brother is great.
  Only occasionally has he told me to put him in the trash can. That has been when Hank wants something and I can't get to it soon enough, because I am feeding Luke.
He will say, "get him off of there (my boob).  He's not hungry anymore."  One time he did pull him off, so I could get him a donut!
Most days, he likes to entertain him, wants to hold him, and can't wait to see him.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sick of Sickness!

I have never been to the Doctor's or the hospital so much in my life, as I have been the past three months!
We had my pregnancy related hypertension, then having the baby.  We had routine Doctor appointments, and several sick visits, and three E.R. visits!
Hank was in the E.R. twice for Nursemaid's Elbow, and Luke was in the E.R. this past Friday for his congestion.
His congestion was getting worse last week and he would wake up with awful coughing and choking.  I thought I better take him back so the Doctor could listen to his chest.  She sent us over to the E.R. to have his oxygen levels better monitored, because she was getting borderline readings in her office.  She also heard some wheeziness on this visit.  Over to the the E.R. I went, while Brant took Hank to Mom's.  We got in fast and they monitored his oxygen and took a chest x-ray and tested for RSV.  The chest x-ray and the oxygen levels were okay.  He did test positive for RSV, which is basically a very bad cold in an infant.  If his oxygen levels had been below 90 they would have admitted him for oxygen and more monitoring.  He was sent home with an inhaler.  He still is having the coughing, but has never had a fever and still eats very well.  We just can't wait until he no longer has any congestion!
Hank also still has something lingering, but at this point it is just occasional coughing.
Brant also is currently sick with what we think is a sinus infection.

Eventhough I hate all this sickness I am very thankful my children are generally very healthy and don't have serious problems!

Hank's first E.R. visit.  We packed snacks thinking we might be there a while.  Luckly we were there only an hour!

Luke in the E.R.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Luke at Two Months!

Luke turned two months on Feb. 3.  He had his two month appointment this past Friday and he weighed 15 lbs 9 oz and was 24 1/2 inches tall.  He is still in the 98th percentile.
We call him "Chunky Monkey", or "Chubby Checker."

He wears a size 2 diaper and size 3 to 6 month, or 6 month size clothes.  He loves to eat.  Still does not take a pacifier and has gotten fussy with the few bottles he was given this past month.  Brant says he is a pure Mama's boy!  He does have periods of fussiness, usually in the evening.
He has been smiling more and laughs.  He will stare at his hand and has started laughing and looking at the animals on his swing mobile.  He holds his head up really well and bears weight on his legs very well too!
For the past two weeks he has been sleeping pretty well at night and awake more during the day.  He has been sleeping until about 5 am, up to eat and then back to sleep for a few more hours.
I did stop the acid reflux medication because I don't know that it was doing enough to warrant continuing it.  Both he and Hank had sick visits for colds the week before last.  Mostly nasal congestion, that will not go away!  We have been having Luke  sleep in his swing for the past week to help with his congestion.  He is still sleeping in our room. 

Hank still loves him.  He calls him Luke Thomas, or Baby Brother.  When he has been away he will come and see him first and say, "My missed you today Baby Brother."

Tuesday, February 14, 2012