Saturday, November 28, 2009

Rock On!

Yes - Days without Rain!

Crunch Crunch through the leaves!

This is pretty cool!

So nice to be outside!

Let's go get my wagon!

I don't want the other big boys to see me with Mittens!

Do another wheely Mommy!

Doo Doo Doo Doo!

Don't Stop Mommy!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009

What about Hank?

It's been a while since I have posted any photos of Hank, so here is a video. This was yesterday morning and he was playing in his pack-n-play while Brant and I were cleaning and getting ready. If you listen you will hear him say "Duck" one of his newer words. There are several words that he says now. You can also see where he busted his lip. He did that last week getting into his dresser drawers.
This morning I noticed that he has a new tooth coming through on the bottom - it's about time because the other bottom two were getting lonely. Now he has a grand total of 7!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Room with a View.

This past week (Sunday - Wednesday) I had to go to Ocean City for work. It was a state wide training, which left no free time. I did have time at night in my room, where I worked on filling in Hank's baby book. I was happy to get that accomplished. This was the first time I had ever been away from Hank overnight. It was hard leaving and I missed him and Brant while I was away, but he did very well, thanks to Brant and our Mothers who came to our house to watch him during the day. The hotel was on the beach so twice I was able to go out during breaks. A storm had just passed a couple days before, which caused some beach erosion. There was a big drop off from the sand dunes to the beach, where normally there is a nice path from the hotel to the beach.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dinner with the Deen Brothers

Yesterday I, along with my mother-in-law and friend Lori went to a cooking show in Washington D.C. We walked around the different vendors and sampled a lot of foods. I also saw a nice kitchen I would love to have. In the evening we had tickets to have dinner with Paula Deen's sons. The meal was prepared by the convention center staff and served while the boys talked. We think it was turkey chili (my mother-in-law called it slop). It was served with broccoli and bread. The first course was an onion soup and dessert was a raspberry mouse. It was not a bad meal but for the money could have been better. We did have a lot of fun and were able to have our photo taken with them. Unfortunately Paula was scheduled to stop in but she never made it.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Third Time's A Charm.

Today Carrie and I made our third annual shopping (and eating trip) to Lancaster. We take off of work one Friday in November (before Black Friday. We hit some country stores and go to Kitchen Kettle Village, where we have a light lunch and get a bag of kettle corn. From there we go to the outlet stores and end the day at Texas Roadhouse, where they have the BEST rolls and cinnamon butter.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Duck, Duck, Goose!

On Sunday Hank and I went up to my parents. I had not been there for a while and I thought they would like to see Hank in his Halloween costume. We had some yummy beef stew for supper (such a good Fall meal). I got a cute photo of Hank playing Mom's piano in his Lion outfit, but it's on Mom's camera (will have to get a copy of that). On our way up to my parents we stopped at Bynum Run and fed the Ducks and Geese. Hank has been saying Duck now, so I thought he would enjoy the stop. As soon as we pulled in the parking lot and I opened the door he heard the Ducks and got excited. He also says Banana now, and knows and can point to most body parts. He has also started giving us kisses when we ask him to.
He is now weaned off of the breast, since last week. He has been drinking cow's milk since he turned a year old, as well as some formula that we still have left. Thankfully we only had to supplement a little bit with the formula, and we did not have to buy any - it was all the freebies that the formula companies sent.
Speaking of formula I took Hank to a "casting call" yesterday for a Similac Ad campaign. It was held at the studio where Hank had his photos when he was two weeks old. The photographer had it advertised on her blog. Hank was baby #94. Apparently they are looking for a few babies at various stages. I thought what the heck - it's worth a shot, plus it gave me an excuse to leave work early:-)

P.S. - The "towel" Hank is holding is what I call his "Taggie." He likes to hold blankets or towels that have silk tags on them, so he can rub the tags - it's very soothing to him, and he has done this since he was a tiny baby.

Monday, November 2, 2009

King of the Jungle!

Hank was a Lion for Halloween (and a mighty fine one!) Hank had some gift cards at Target so we got him a nice wagon that he could go trick-or-treating in. We went up to Brant's parents again this year, because their neighborhood goes all out - the fire company comes and sets up with lights and the neighbors really get into it and set up in their driveways. Unfortunately it started raining as we were rolling around the neighborhood, but by that time Hank was ready to go back to Grammy and Gramps to eat.