Monday, November 22, 2010

Pantry Pride.

Come on in....

Still a work in progress, but I know where everything is!

I bought this sign over the summer with my pantry in mind!

One of my requests with the house design was a walk in pantry.
Storage was important to me.  In our old house I had extra kitchen items stored in the basement.  I knew I did want to have to run up and down basement steps to get my stuff anymore!
I keep all our dry goods, baking supplies, serving pieces, crock pots, etc.. in there.
I also had room to put my pie safe in there.  I store my cookbooks in there.
My pie safe is something I bought when we were first married and living in a rental home, which had barely any kitchen storage.  On top of the pie safe I have my Longaberger recipe basket, which was a wedding shower gift.
I feel very fortunate to have this pantry.  It is right off of the kitchen and easy to get to.  Hank even knows where everything is in there too!
It reminds me of something you would find in an old house too.  My Great Aunt Mina had one in her kitchen.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Annual Day Out!

One of our first stops is usually In Grandma's Attic

Love all the Lancaster County back roads!

Lunch stop!

One of my purchases.  We hung it in the Mud Room.
Carrie and I did our annual Lancaster County Shopping trip again.  We stick to tradition and go to the same shops, eat lunch at the Kitchen Kettle, get a bag of Kettle Corn there, and end the evening with dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  Somehow I don't seem to get any Christmas shopping done!  I usually buy stuff for myself.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Moving into the BIG HOUSE!


New couch!

First night in the Big House.

Our shower.  All nice and new.

Where to put everything?

Several Firsts...first time using the stove, Hank's first bath in his new tub, and the first time sleeping in his big boy bed.

Hank "swimming" in Mama's tub.

Fall fun outside.

We are finally in the Big House, which is what Hank calls our home.  We moved in on Thursday Nov. 4 and have been working on getting things in their place.  We have got a lot done, but still have some more things to put away and get organized.  Will post more pictures in the coming weeks.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Highlights.

Notice how Hank has the lighter - who was watching him?

Everyone needs their Spot!

Hank had his eyes on the trick-or-treaters going down the street.

Fire Dog on the Fire Truck!

Enjoying the fruits of his labor!

For Halloween we went to Brant's parents.
Hank was a Dalmatian Dog and he really enjoyed trick-or-treating.  He always said trick-or-treat and thank you at all the houses.  One house we went to there was a little boy his age at the door and Hank thought he should go inside and play with the toys he saw.  He enjoyed seeing the other kids and the decorations, even the scary ones!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hey Y"all!

I was watching Paula Deen the other night and Hank was sitting on my lap.  Paula had not even turned around yet to talk, and Hank said, "Hey Y'all", well actually it sounded like, "Hey all."
He is so observant.  He is also a Butter lover, just like Mama and Paula.