Monday, April 21, 2014

Hank at 5 1/2!

Hank turned 5 1/2 in March.
He goes to preschool three days a week and will start Kindergarten in late August.
He likes school and seeing his friends.  He enjoys show and tell and always wants to know if it is his show and tell day ( Wednesday is his day.)  He can write his whole name now and I can see a lot of improvement in his schoolwork over the past year.  He actually takes a lot of pride in doing his homework!
He has grown immensely this year, especially over the Winter!
He now weighs 62 lbs and is 46 1/4 inches.
He is currently wearing size 6 or 7.  He is very hard to fit right now.  His jeans, especially are hard to fit and I am trying different brands and trying out Husky.  Right now the Crazy 8 Husky brand fits the best.
He loves fruit snacks, ham sandwiches with mayo, noodles, steak, raw carrots, goldfish crackers, and ice cream.  He also likes cereal a lot!
He is taking karate lessons and really loves that.  He is also partaking in a soccer clinic at school this Spring.  He likes to play baseball at home, ride his bike, play with army men, and his ninja turtles.
His current favorite shows are Sam and Cat, Caillou,  Sid the Science Kid, and Peppa Pig

His favorite color is yellow.  He likes all the seasons - he likes the snow and he loves to swim.  He keeps wanting to know when the pool is going to open up!  He is obsessed with his camouflage crocks and wants to wear them all the time.
He enjoys camping and all the holidays.  He always want to know when the next holiday is, or his birthday.  He wants to know when the next event is, or what he is doing tomorrow.  He will say, "is that the day after today?" He often uses the number 1080 -"is that in 1080 years?"
He tries us often with some of his behaviors, but also can be so kind and willing to share with others.
He talks about when he is older.  He is going to be a Daddy and live right next to us  He is going to work at Plaza Ford, and be a Football player too!  He also told me he is not going to have any rules at his house!
He is our favorite oldest son!!