Thursday, September 22, 2011

And on his farm he had a PARTY!


This past Sunday was Hank's Third Birthday.  We also had his party that day too.  It was all about farm animals and tractors.  We had yummy food, plenty of presents, friends and relatives, beautiful weather,and even a hay ride!
Leading up to the party, Hank would ask, "is today my party?", or "is today my birthday?"
He had a great time and when we asked him if he liked his party he said,"yes my did!"

I got lots of things for the party off of Etsy 

I got some cute decorating ideas off of Pinterest

cupcakes, tractor wagon cake, cow tails, and cow cake pops!

I had to bribe him with a Hershey Kiss to stay still for this photo!

Loved opening gifts....he kept saying "yippee" or "happy birthday."

Make a wish!

Loves his sweets...I had flashbacks to his 1st birthday cake!

Looks like next year there are going to be LOTS of 1 year old parties!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School.

Today Hank started preschool.  He was very excited when we got there.  He bolted right into the room and sat at a table with two other little boys.  He then went around the room looking at all the toys that were there.  He didn't really have time for me trying to tell him where the bathroom was.  When I told him I was leaving he said, "me don't want to go."  I told him he was not leaving, only Mommy and that Mom Mom was going to pick him up in a few hours.  He was fine with that.  Mom said he appeared to be happy when she went to get him.  She questioned why his sandals were on the wrong feet, and he said Mommy did it.  I then had to look at the photos I took in the morning and I did!!!   I must have been nervous!
While I was taking his photos before we left, I locked myself out of the house.  Luckily we have a hidden key!
Hank will be going to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

So proud.  He must have been excited too, not to notice the shoes on the wrong feet!

He was so happy about having a backpack!

Outside school.
His own little hanger.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Early Birthday Present!

We have been looking at play sets for several months.  Luckily I found a new one on Craig's list for a fairly good price.  It was an end of season clearance, so it saved us about $500 dollars.
We went this past Saturday and picked it up with the help of Uncle PJ.   Uncle Chris also helped us with setting it up.  Daddy spent most of yesterday staining it too.  Hank sees it in the morning and can't wait to go out to it; "My loves my play set!"  It is his Birthday present and also a reward for doing so well with potty training.
He  has been doing super great with that and wears under ware all the time, except at night.  I still put a diaper on at night.
He always wants to know if we are proud of him, and yes we are!

Getting it on the trailer to go home!

He was bringing his sand toys down before it was even set up.

Aye Aye Captian.

So proud!