Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Our little Bear 2008

Waiting for trick-or-treaters 2008

Our Lion 2009

I LOVE Halloween.  It is probably my favorite holiday!  I am having fun picking out Hank's costumes every year.  Probably next year he will have his own opinion about what he wants to be.  Hank has been practicing his "trick-or-treat" for a few weeks now, and can't wait for tonight.  Check back this week to see what Hank is going to be for Halloween this year!

Monday, October 25, 2010

10 Days!

Friday we had our first meal (pizza) there.

Master Bath cabinets.

We have 10 more days until our scheduled settlement.   All the cabinets are in, and the granite counters.  The lighting and most of the fixtures are also in.  All the carpet, except the great room is in.  The appliances were also delivered Friday, and most of those are in.  There is still some tile work that needs to be finished, as well as some painting.  Finial grading is also waiting to be done.  Yesterday Hank and I planted some daffodils along the woods.  He said, "Hank help Mama."  I dug the holes and he put the bulbs in! 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall Fun!

Hank and I went to Milburn's Orchard in Elkton today.  We saw lots of pumpkins and got to take a hay ride, which he really enjoyed.  We also picked up some yummy Apple Cider Donuts.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shopping, Wine, and Friends, Oh My.

Last weekend Carrie, Cheryl, and I went to Ocean City for a Wine Festival.  We had lots of fun shopping and eating, and relaxing.  Luckily our favorite wine is from a winery not too far from us.  We hope to plan a girls day out there soon! 
Brant and Hank had fun at home, riding mo mo's, going to Applewood Farm, and watching the Raven's game at a friend's house.

When I got home I had to go to the "Big House" and see where I was going to be placing my new "finds."  I can't wait to decorate!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hank at TWO!

Just thought I would post some interesting facts about our two year old:

He loves to talk.  He says full sentences now, and doesn't forget a thing you tell him!

His favorite toys are his trains, balls, trucks, and his Rescue Hero Men.

He likes to be read to.  His favorite books are any of his Thomas the Train books, Harry the Dirty Dog, Gossie, and his Johnny the Tractor hide and seek book.

He still loves to eat.  Some of his current favorites are grapes, berries, pudding, eggs, cheese, crackers, potatoes, noodles, and he loves candy corn.  He also loves Butter - takes after his Mama:)

He wears size 2T, and has a size 8 wide foot.

He was 31. 8 lbs and 36 1/2 inches at his Doctors appointment last month.  He is in the 90th percentile for height and 85th percentile for weight.

He likes to wear his boots and hats.  He even wears his Thomas hat around the house.

He is able to say his whole name.


His Mama and Dada think he's the best thing ever!!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

20 Days!

Bar area.

Looking from the Breakfast Room.

So happy to be in my kitchen.

Hank sized sink!

Twenty more days!!!  The wood floors have been stained and the tile is being done in the Master Bath.  The  sidewalks were also done.  This week the kitchen cabinets were installed (and I LOVE them).  The electrician is now working on installing the light fixtures.  The great room built in was also completed today.
Hank loves going to the "Big House" every night with us, so we can see the progress.  He has even made himself at home with having a few Tonka trucks there already.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

30 Days!

Kitchen with the wood floors (not stained yet).

The risers will be painted white.

There is a driveway there...somewhere.

Vandals struck last Thursday, during the bad storm.  Like someone didn't have something better to do during the torrential downpours?

30 more days.  If we made it this far, we can last 30 more days, right?  It feels like things have been moving slow lately, but they are still on schedule. We have had lots of rain the past week, with a bad storm last Thursday.

The wood and vinyl floors have been installed and they are supposed to start on the tile in our bathroom this week.