Monday, August 29, 2011

Natural Disaster Week!

On Tuesday we had an earthquake and then Saturday - Sunday a hurricane!
The earthquake was actually in Virginia, but we felt it up here!  Really weird to feel that.  I was at the Doctors office at the time, waiting to be seen for my monthly appointment.

Saturday afternoon and evening the rain started and then at night the wind picked up and we lost our power at midnight, due to hurricane Irene.  We still do not have power, as of Monday afternoon.  We have no idea when we will get it back either.  Thank God our generator is still running.
We had a tree down on our power lines and phone lines and our utility pole is leaning.  Many roads around our home are still closed due to down trees.  My work was closed today,so Hank and I are hanging out at home.

Brant cut part of the tree, to open up the road.

Bottom of the utility pole.

Hank brought me a "present"

Monday, August 15, 2011

Potty Time!

We really started to work seriously on potty training a week ago.  I knew I was going to be home all day Saturday and had bought some underwear for Hank that week.  Soon after we got up on Saturday and I changed his poopy diaper, I put the underwear on and kept after him all morning about using his pot.  He had several accidents were he wet his pants.  He would get mad when I "bugged" him and would say, "my pee is empty", or "my poop is empty."  A few times he would throw the underwear across the room and say he did not want to wear them because they were dumb!  Finally around 11:30 or noon he did a little poop on his pot!  He was very excited because I had told him I would take him to ride the trains if he pooped that day.  We quick got dressed and went to Strasburg and rode the little choo choos and the Thomas ride on train.  We made plans to go back another day when Daddy could ride the "Big" choo choo with us ( he was away fishing).

He likes to be read to, but actually does better when left alone!

Riding Thomas...a reward for using the pot!

Fast forward one week and Hank is doing very well.   Around the house he is wearing underwear and if we go somewhere he wears a pull-up.  At night he is wearing a diaper.  He likes to look at books and have someone read to him when he is sitting on the pot.  He also always wants to know if we are proud of him.  This past Saturday we took him back to ride the Big choo choo.  While we were out he went to the bathroom with Daddy and did not have any accidents.