Monday, December 29, 2014

Luke at Three!

Luke turned three on December 3!
I stayed home that day to celebrate with him.  I made him pancakes with a candle for breakfast and Daddy brought home pizza hut ( he likes their breadsticks) for dinner.  We also had a little ice cream cake and sang to him again.  He had a cold, so he and I stayed home and relaxed during the day.
He had his big party on Saturday Nov. 29.  It was a Spiderman theme and he really loved his party this year.  About one to two months prior I had asked him what kind of party he wanted and he picked Spiderman himself!
I found a couple of cakes on Pinterest and found someone who could make the one Luke picked out.
We rode to get it on the Friday before his party and he was so excited about it.  He stated, "that's the coolest cake I ever seen."
During his party, he kept coming to the desert table and starting at it.  He told me later, it was his favorite part of his party!
Luke still has some of his "baby" features, but is turning into a little boy so fast.  He talks all the time around us, but will clam up around people he does not know well.  He is a very loving child and thoughtful, but he does have a grumpy side too.
We are working on potty training.  At nights he sleeps at least half the night in his toddler bed, and then comes and gets into our bed, during the night.
He likes to play with any type of figurines, toy guns, building blocks, or coloring.  When he colors, he says he is doing his homework.
He always has to have some toy in his hands.  He often will have a one of his "little mans" with him.
He also really loves his stuffed kitty and takes her everywhere.  When he comes into our bed at night, he always brings her too!

He likes to watch Peppa Pig, Little Einstein's, and Sheriff Callie.  He likes some others, but those are his current favorites.  He really liked watching the Elf on the Shelf movie and Frosty this past Christmas.  He was really into finding our Elf this past Christmas every morning.
He is really getting into make believe and pretend play right now and he talks about Monsters and he often asks us if a Monster is going to come out of the toilet!
He loves the color red, and he loves to eat ANYTHING sweet.  He likes any kind of candy, cookies, and fruit snacks.  He likes his breakfast foods, like waffles, pancakes, and he loves bacon.
He likes spaghetti, chicken nuggets, and fries, as well as raw carrots, and fruits.
He had his three year check up on 12/8/14 and he was 34.4 lbs ( 75%) and 38 3/4 inches tall (80%).
We also went and got some new shoes that day, and he has a size 9 foot!
I am really trying to enjoy all his cuddles and when he says "I love you Mommy", because I know time is moving so fast, and he is not going to stay little for long!