Saturday, July 23, 2011

What's it going to be?

We are expecting our second baby in early December.  Last Friday we had our sonogram and it looks like we are having another boy!  I am pretty sure Hank is happy about that.  He told us he wanted a
 " 'broder'.  No girls."  When I told him I was a girl, he stated, "me don't like baby girls."   
To make things fun for Hank I had a few people over to "reveal" what the baby's sex is, that evening.
I had Hank open a gift and inside was a balloon that said "Baby Boy."  Not sure if he really understood that night, that the baby was a boy.  He was just so excited about there being a party.  The next morning when he got up he wanted to know where everyone was and "where is the 'broder' party?"

Pink or Blue...what will it be?

Everyone wore pink or was divided 50/50.

Hank was busy trying to hit the balloon.

Hank and his cousins.  Poor Sydney is going to be outnumbered.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Hank and I went to a traveling zoo yesterday.  He rode a pony for the first time.  His name was Chuckie!  He also had some fun in a bouncy house and looking at the animals.  His favorite were the alligators.  He thinks there are alligators in all water, and asks us whenever we are around water, "are there alligators in that water?"  I think it is because Brant watches all these shows, like swamp loggers and swamp people, that have alligators on them.  It does not keep him from the water though!  He still loves to be in and around the water.

"How you doin?" - he says that to everyone!  He drops the "g" too.

"Look at those alligators.  Will they bite me?"