Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Time

It finally is feeling like Fall.  We had several periods of warm / hot weather this month.  We did do a pumpkin patch trip during the first part of October, but it didn't feel like Fall, since it was about 80 degrees that day!  We did manage to have fun and get a nice big pumpkin.  Hank picked a tiny one, which I forgot about, until a week later when he pulled it out from under the couch, all shriveled up!

This past Sunday I took him back to Milburn Orchards in Elkton.  I had taken him there last year.  Mimi went with us too.
He got to go through a bouncy fun house and rode a pony named patches.  We did a hay ride and he also did an apple sling shot.  We took lots of fun photos too.
Unfortunately the line for Apple cider donuts was crazy, so we did not get any of those.  Oh well maybe we will get some next weekend somewhere.

Who loves Hank....Mommy does!

Hank was very Happy about riding Patches.

Goat Ramp

Apple sling shot.

Farm Hand Hank.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Baby Miller and his future Girlfriend!

It looks like Baby Miller will be here on December 6, unless I would go into labor before that!  I would not be opposed to having that little turkey here for Thanksgiving (so long as he is fully baked!)

They would only schedule a c-section one week prior to the due date, and this was the earliest available.
  I had been undecided at this point on weather to schedule it, or try and have a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section).  I have a feeling this boy is going to be as big, or bigger than Hank, so I don't want to risk anything and feel the c-section would be safest.
On my appointment this past week I am measuring a little bit bigger than I should - 34 inches, instead of the 32 - 33 I should have been.  As we get closer they may order a growth sonogram to try and determine his weight.  Remember Hank was 10 lbs 2 oz, and he was born four days before his due date.

This past Saturday I went to my friend, Carrie's baby shower.  She is due the same week as me.  She was so sweet to include me in her part of her shower.  Our mutual friends had a few gifts for me and she also had a cake for me.  She is having a girl.  I told her one day when my boy is chasing after her daughter she might not like me so much!

This girl is going to be dressed to the nines!

Get ready for years of dress up Mama!

She had the cutest cakes..they matched both of our bedding sets!

I think my baby bump is super sized, considering we are due the same time!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Don't cry about it!

Hank had been doing very well with his potty training...HAD been!

During the past week he had at least one accident a day, so no stickers on his chart for a week.  No bribes seemed to be working.  The last three times at school he peed on his cot at nap time, even though apparently he was not sleeping.  He told us it's because he does not like nap time, yet that does not explain the times at home or at Mom Mom's house.  I would get so frustrated I would say, "Oh Hank this makes me what to cry", or "I am so upset."  When I picked him up at Mom Mom's this past Wednesday he greeted me at the door, and when I asked him if he was a good boy that day he immediately told me, "My peed my pants, but don't cry about it.  Be happy." 
Oh Lord help me make it through the age of Three.  I saw nothing terrible in the year of Two, but we have our work cut out for us this year!!

On a happy note he did do well yesterday and had no accidents.  He had a Daddy and son day and spent most of the day outside.  Guess there is nothing like taking a pee in the woods!

He got a toy catalog in the mail this week and now he likes to take his "magazine" with him when he goes and sits on the pot.  He gets in there and holds his butt checks together with his hand and runs out in the living room, "my needs my magazine."

Monday, October 10, 2011

Hank at 3!

Here are some current stats on our three year old:

He weighs 38 lbs - 85th percentile

He is 39 inches - 90th percentile

He has a size 10 foot.

He talks non-stop

He has been potty trained for two months, with just an occasional accident.

He started preschool last month and goes twice a week
He loves to play outside and also likes to play with his trains and trucks and tractors.

His favorite shows are Thomas and Friends, Kipper, Zaboomafoo, Caillou, and Bob the Builder.

He has turned into a picky eater.  He wants to eat fruit snacks all the time!  He will eat noodles with butter, rice, bread, jello, pudding, fruit, cereal, waffles, chicken fingers and french fries, crackers and peanut butter, and nuts.  He has started to eat pizza again, after not eating it for a while ( he had decided he did not like sauce).
He loves candy, especially M&M's and candy kisses.  I usually have to bribe him with candy to get him to do something.

Right before he turned three he started to have more of an attitude!  When you want him to do something he will now say, "My's too tired", or "My don't want to."
Also when we ask him questions he will say, "My don't want to talk about it."

This morning he wanted to know if he was going to school and I said not today, he told me he doesn't like school.  When I asked why, he said, "My don't like naps."  He has to take a nap in the afternoon and he is not a nap taker at home.  When I drop him off in the morning he always bolts in the door and drops his book bag and lunch box in the floor like he is excited to be there. 

His Mommy and Daddy still love him lots!

Looking sweet and innocent....This was dress in Fall colors day (for school).