Monday, December 30, 2013

Tractor Party!

We had Luke's second birthday party on Sunday Dec. 1, 2013.
We had a tractor theme, since he really likes tractors.
We had a tractor tire filled with corn for the kids to play in and a hay ride too!
For our meal we had fried chicken and ham, with sides!!
We also had several desserts for our little sweet lover.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Luke at Two!

Luke turned two on Dec. 3.  The Sunday before we celebrated with a tractor theme party.
On his actual birthday I took off and the boys and I went up to Strasburg to see some trains.
Some fun facts about our crazy two year old:
He loves tractors and trains.

His favorite book is The Foot Book, by Dr. Suess.
He has a BIG sweet tooth and loves candy, cookies, cake, etc...
His best meal is breakfast.  He also likes fruit, spaghetti, mac and cheese, fries, and bread, and he really likes bacon!
He likes his water and milk.  Not a fan of juice.
He has really started to take off on his talking and saying all kinds of things now.
He just started to call us Mommy and Daddy, instead of Mama and Dada.  He also just started to call himself Luke.
On his two year check up he was 31 lbs and 34 3/4 inches, which is in the 75 %.
His head is in the 95 %!
 He is a terrible sleeper and never sleeps a whole night in his crib - spoiled!
He wears a size 5 diaper, but is ready to go up to a 6!
He wears mostly 24 month clothing and he has a size 7 1/2 wide foot.
He gets into everything!!  A lot worse than I remember Hank at this age.
He loves animals, and he likes to talk about things being "Big", like a big tractor, or a big piece of bread.  When we ask him who he loves he always names, Hank, Mommy, and Daddy.
We love him a lot too!