Thursday, March 24, 2011

Zoo Trip.

To celebrate Spring we went to Plumpton Park Zoo on Sunday.
They have a lot of neat animals for a small zoo, and it was not crowded.  We had a wonderful day!


Lots of peacocks

We had fun with the lamas

Whooo are you looking at?

Another hungry lama.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Hank at Two and a Half!

I can't believe Hank is 2 1/2!!!
Here are some current stats on our toddler:
He is about 34 lbs.
He wears size 2T and 3T .
Size 8 to 8 1/2 shoe.
He says everything and LOVES to talk.
He often says:  "what's this", or "what's that?"  The "why?" question has just started too!
We are working on potty training.
He mostly sleeps with us: "Me sleep in Mama Dada's bed!"   We have not been good and trying to get him to sleep on his own.  It's a hard battle to fight in the middle of the night, when you are tired!
He has become more picky in his eating in the past few months.
Current food favorites are rice, french fries, candy, cookies, bread and butter, waffles, oatmeal ("openmeal"), and fruit snacks, or "oot snacks" as Hank calls them.  He also likes cold cereal, or "eboo", as he calls it.

Hank likes to watch all kinds of cartoons.  He still likes Thomas, but recently has been obsessed with Caillou.  He is also liking Handy Manny and Bob the Builder.
His favorite toys are his blocks, trains, ball pit, and his tools.
He often says he is building a house, when he is playing.
His favorite season is Summer, so he tells us because he wants to go "emming" in "Mimi's pool."
His family thinks he is the smartest and cutest boy ever!!

Eating Lucky Charms, a favorite eboo!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Master Retreat.

Our Master Bath was a joint effort.  Brant had a lot of ideas about what he wanted in the actual shower, such as the dual shower heads and bars that move the shower heads up and down.  We both agreed on a bench and the dual niches, on each side.  I did NOT want a shower door, and I am so glad with that decision.  I absolutely hate to clean a shower door.  I wanted to have a jetted tub.  I like a bubble bath, especially in the Winter.  The cabinet layout I saw on a custom cabinet website, and our cabinet store was able to replicate it.  Brant and I agreed...we wanted our sinks apart from one another.  My closet is accessed through the Master Bath and Brant's from our bedroom.
What would be on your must have list?

Maybe one day we will have plantation shutters.
Welcome to the car wash!
Hers and His.
This in it's own room...another must!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Bye Bye Winter!

So glad to feel Spring in the air and know it is just a week away!  I put away all my snowmen and have decorated with my Spring bunnies.  It will be so nice to spend fun times outside with Hank, and hopefully we will get our grass started soon.  Our yard is still dirt at this point and a very muddy mess when it rains!
Thought I would post some cute Winter photos, to bid adieu until next year:

Monday, March 7, 2011

Deep Creek Trip.

Mimi and Hank.
These are hard to walk in!
Hank hanging out at the Honi Honi.
First time on the slopes.
Watching the skiers.

A Big "Hank" of ice!

Walking on water.

About a week ago we made our annual Deep Creek trip.  We hit all kinds of weather on this trip.  Our first day there we had snow, two days later it was sunny and 60 degrees.  On our day home we had lots of rain.  While out there Brant got lots of ski time.  Hank was able to get a little ride on the skis.  Maybe next year he will be old enough to get a lesson?
While out there we were able to see the Polar Bear Plunge at the Honi Honi and walked out on the frozen lake.