Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Time!

To celebrate the first day of Summer Hank and I had ice cream on the front porch tonight.

Over the weekend we went to Ocean City for Father's Day.  Hank was loving the ocean this year.  He would have stayed there all day long if we let him!  

"Me's going down there."

Pop George, Hank, Gramps ("Mamps") and Daddy.

Monday, June 13, 2011


This past weekend we went to Solomon's Island.  Brant does a lot of his fishing there and his friend has his boat  there too.  On this trip the kids and the wives went along.  We enjoyed the pool, fishing, and boating.  We went out Saturday evening and the kids all were able to reel in their first fish!  Hank thought that was great.  He kept checking on his "esh", and even named him...George!
The next day the guys did some crabing and then came and got us for a boat ride and to do a few crab pots, so the kids could see the crabs as they were caught.
This was also the first time Hank stayed in a motel.  We had lots of fun!

Hank's first fish.
Hank and George!
Oh no...our ladies man!
They liked checking on the crabs, and knew to keep their hands out!
"Me's going to eat them all up!"

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Butterfly Release.

Hank and I sent away for some caterpillars a couple of months ago.  We watched them as they grew and then changed into Butterflies.  We fed them sugar water and watermelon every night and then we released them about two weeks ago.  At first Hank did not want to set them free, but he enjoyed the release.  Later he wanted to know where they were and if they were coming back.

Hank and I had colds over the past two weeks.  You can hear our hoarse voices in the video below.  We both got on an antibiotic (Hank's first time on one).  I ended up having to go back and get on a second antibiotic because my cold / infection was moving into my chest.  Hank is much better and I have slowly been getting better too.

Watching the caterpillars.

We have butterflies.

Time to let them fly away!

Here is a video: