Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hank at 4 1/2!

Life is so busy that I don't really have time to blog much.
I do like doing updates on the kids, because it helps me to remember how they were at certain ages.
Time goes so fast.  I look at Hank and I can not believe how big he looks, and how fast he is growing up.
A couple of weeks ago he was really sick for 24 hours, with a stomach bug. It was awful.  He lost a few pounds and it affected his appetite for a while.  He is just now starting to eat more.
Currently his favorite foods are donuts and candy!
He also likes pizza, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, fries, fruit, raw carrots, cereal, pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon, and noodles.
He currently is about 48 lbs.
He wears a size 12 shoe.
He wears a 5T, 4, or 5 clothing - depends on the maker!
He loves school and Sunday School.  Everyday he wants to know, "What day is it?  Am I going to school today?"
He likes to play on Daddy's computer, and his Fisher Price computer.  He also likes playing with his trucks and blocks.  He likes to build things and gets upset when Luke comes around to destroy them!
He likes to play outside on his play set, and go for Gator Rides.  He likes having campfires, and going camping.
His current obsession is Ninja Turtles.  He talks about then a lot!