Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Luke at 3 1/2!

Luke and his favorite subject matter - a fox!!

It's hard for me to believe my baby is getting older, and turning into a big boy!
I am trying to relish all the time I have left to lift him and get unlimited hugs and cuddles.
He finally became fully potty trained this past month.  It had been a real struggle with that little hard headed boy, but all of a sudden he did it, and has done terrific ever since.  He does still wear a diaper at night, but several times he has been dry at night.  For his reward he got the blue Jake and the Neverlands bike. 
He still is not the best sleeper, and every night he ends up in our bed.  That is our next project - to get him a bigger bed, and work on him staying in it.
He currently is 40 lbs and is 39 3/4 inches.  He grew 1/2 inch in just the past two months.
He has a size 9 1/2 foot and wears mostly 3T clothing.
He is shy around people he does not know well, and will do some funny things, like totally not look at the person talking to him...like, "If I don't look at you, you can't see me."
He also has a nervous habit of sticking his tongue out the side of his mouth, and putting his hands up like a bunny.
He currently loves the color blue, and loves anything sweet to eat!  He likes to drink milk and water. 
His favorite TV show is Umizoomi.  He also likes Peppa Pig and Sheriff Callie, and will also watch Ninja Turtles.

Lunch with Mommy.  Enjoying his favorite drink - milk!
He also has such an imagination and asks a million questions a day!  He wants to know why to EVERYTHING!!
Currently he is obsessed with talking about foxes.

He and Hank will play together and Luke loves his brother, but they also have their fighting moments!

Luke enjoys riding his bike and playing with all his toys.  He especially likes his little men and trucks, and building things.  He is good about cleaning up.

He also loves to swim and loves animals.  He has a stuffed animal, kitty that he sleeps with and will take with him sometimes.  Whenever we go somewhere in the car, he has to take some toy with him.

Luke and Hank at the Inner Harbor

Luke and his best buddy, Haley.