Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spotlight on Hank!

Hank had his 18 month check-up yesterday, and does not have to go back until he is 2!

He is 29 lbs and 33 1/2 inches. He had to get two shots, which he was upset about, but soon calmed himself.

I thought I would list some fun facts about our little 18 month old:

He loves music and likes to dance, and he has good rhythm!

He wears size 18 - 24 month and a size 7 shoe.

He still LOVES to eat. If he sees food, he's right there to get his share. His current faves are crackers, pasta, cheese, pancakes, bread, candy, especially Kit Kat bars, oranges, and green beans.

He still likes his paci and his taggie.

Plays so well with all his toys. His favorites are his vacuum cleaner, Seasame Street Bus, trucks, balls, and his Cozy Coupe Car. he also enjoys books.

Loves bath time and getting showers too.

Loves animals and knows a lot of animal sounds.

Says many words now. Some of his recents are ouch, beep beep, and eat.

Most nights he sleeps 9 - 7 am. On occasion he gets up in the middle of the night and comes to bed with us.

Takes one long nap in the middle of the day now.

Has a good personality and loves to give us hugs and kisses. We love it too:)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hippity Hoppity...

Just give me the chocolate already!

Wockenfuss Candy - Yummy!

Vroom, Vroom!

First time on a school bus .

Hold on I'm in the drivers seat !

Easters on it's way!

Hank and I were really hopping today. I found out that the library has a program called the "Diaper Gang." It's a group for 2 and under, where they sing songs and read a few books and have a little bit of play time. Since we can't do the Terrific Tots program anymore I thought we would give it a shot. Hank enjoyed himself, so it was worth the trip. We then went to see the Easter Bunny. He was at the toy store on Main Street. We had a nice lunch and then went to the candy store to get some Easter candy. It was a nice day to stroll around town.

In the afternoon we also went to a fundraiser for the Tiny Tots preschool. It was called "touch a truck." All kinds of trucks and police cars and a police boat were set up for the kids to get in. I knew Hank would love that. He is so into trucks!

From there it was onto Walmart. He did so well for all the running around we had to do. I believe I am more tired then he is. He is playing with a truck right now. He makes truck noises and says "beep beep." Is he going to be a truck driver?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hanging at the Mall.

Beep, Beep.

I think I am more of a land lover.

How come the birds that come to Grand Poppy's feeder are not this Big?

We had to be out of the house tonight while someone came to walk through, so when I picked up Hank we went to the Mall. He needed new shoes, so we took advantage of Stride Rite's Sale and got two new pair (buy one get one pair 1/2 off.) He got a nice new pair of sneakers and a pair of boat shoes - Sperry's. They will look cute for Easter and for the Summer. He is now in a size 7 and actually his right foot measured a little bit bigger than the left.

After we got done with the shoe shopping, he got to ride the little fire truck and the helicopter. He liked the truck, but appeared more hesitant about the helicopter.

Brant met us at Red Robin for Supper. While we were there Red Robbin himself was walking around. Hank didn't know what to think of him. He had never seen a bird that big! After looking him over, he did slap him five.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

I love Spring Flowers!

Just hanging around!

So tired!

Stained face and sticky fingers, but worth it!

Spring is officially here, although it has been unseasonably warm for days ( 70 +).
Hank and I went to his Terrific Tots class. I noticed that he was a good listener during the session and followed instructions well. Again this week he was the only child that chimed in with the animal of the day's sound ( a cat and last week a pig). Unfortunately I don't know if we will be able to continue with the classes. There are not enough children showing up at this location so they are not going to have the Saturday class:(

After stocking up on groceries we came home and he fell asleep eating his lunch. You know that boy is tired when he falls asleep around food!

After his 2 1/2 hour nap, we went in search of a treat and found a shaved ice stand that is open already. We had to celebrate Spring!

How did you celebrate?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad (& Hank)

Today is Dad's Birthday. This is a photo of him as a little boy with his sister Ellen. Hard to believe he used to be cute and innocent like Hank, who is 18 months today.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Enjoying the Green!

St. Patrick's Day and the weather was wonderful. Hard to believe that just a month ago we were knee deep in snow. This evening Hank was all about the Green (grass that is!)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stand Up and be Counted!

Our Census came in the mail today and I have it done and ready to mail back!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

And on his Farm he had a....

This morning I had Hank tell me the animal sounds he knows (enjoy the video). Who knows maybe he'll be a Farmer. He loves animals and tractors!
Last night I took him through the Mall while someone came to see our house, and there were lawn tractors on display - Hank was excited about that.
Today was a also a busy day. Hank and I left the house early and went to try out Terrific Tots. It is a toddler group, where children his age play and learn songs. It was so funny to see him with other children his age, and he had a lot of fun. One of the themes for the Spring Session is Farm Animals - how appropriate is that!
When she opened the book and said today's animal was the Pig, Hank was able to make his Pig noise. He was also excited to get his hand stamped with a Pig, as well as a stamp that said "I am a terrific tot."
From there we went to a Children's Consignment Sale and got a few goodies for Summer, including sandals.
It has been poring rain all day long, so thoughts of Summer are on my mind. The sale was at the Perryville Outlets so while we were there we went to the Osh Kosh Outlet too and got a few new goodies.
He is kind of at a stage where he has been wearing his clothes for longer periods, so I feel like he is getting better use out of his things.

He slept most of the way home, with a quick stop at Wendy's for lunch. We had to be out of the house until 2pm, as there were people coming today to see the house.

Hank is staying with my parents overnight, as Brant and I are going to a Bull Roast. Hopefully he will sleep well!

Before he left I was going through his photo album and he calls my Mom, Mimi and Brant's Mom, Mammy. He calls both of our father's Pop or Papa.
He also says Ara, for Sara (Chris' girlfriend) and says Mac for Max, his cousin.

I am trying to enjoy all the moments I have with him because I can already tell how fast time is moving.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Hank likes to wash his hands, brush his teeth, take his showers and baths. This video is him washing his hands with his "Eye Eye" soap, which is what he calls Elmo. Not sure if he calls him that because he has big eyes?

I am sure someday soon we will have to fight him to do these things!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring is in the Air!

Thank God Spring is just around the corner! Today I put away the snowmen decorations and got out the Spring and Easter stuff. Almost all the snow is gone from around the house, but Hank still manages to find what is left and has to grab a handful every time - he calls it "snow snow." This afternoon Brant and I took Hank to the playground and to feed the geese and ducks. When I gave Hank a piece of bread to feed to them, he dropped his paci on the ground and ate it himself. I guess he thought why waste a good piece of bread!