Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Beach Baby

We went to the ocean the weekend before last ( I have been too busy to post before now). Any how I had to post about Hank's recent accomplishments. Down at the ocean he cut his first tooth and started to clap his hands. He says Mom a lot and also started to say Da Da this past Friday. This trip to the ocean was the first time he got to sit on the beach. He loved sitting there and playing, but he was skeptical of the sand. When I gave him a shovel full to touch he shivered and acted scared of it. I have to say I never expected that reaction! He also got upset when sand was put in his bucket and he was very satisfied once it was dumped out.

The ocean was still too cold to put him in, but this past weekend he was able to get into the swimming pool and he loved it. He kicked his feet and laughed and swam all around in his baby float.
It has been amazing the changes we are seeing just in the past two weeks. I can't believe how fast my baby is growing.

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