Thursday, July 16, 2009

On his knees and on our toes!

Hank is on his knees crawling around and getting into everything. This of course keeps us on our toes! I did some putting away of several things last weekend. No more crafts and knick knacks around. Nothing is left on the coffee table anymore, and things are placed up high out of his reach.

Last week we also switched out his infant car seat to the "big boy"car seat.

For about the past two weeks he has been in the habit of getting up in the middle of the night and is often wide awake. This morning at 3:30 am he was sitting up in his crib, and it was a while before he fell back to sleep. Hopefully it's just a phase he is going through. I can't complain too much because he is such a good baby.

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dawn said...

I am so glad you started this blog. I have not seen Hank in so long. I have missed his babyhood. As I sit here crying my eyes out, Thanks for catching me up, on lost time!!!!

Auntie Dawn