Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cottontails and Contracts.

All for me?

I love books!

This smells like Chocolate!

Yes Mommy gave me some chocolate for breakfast - I love her!

All dressed up for church.

Another basket!

Grand Poppy and Grand Mom (Pop and Mimi)

Grammy put these all over her yard for me!

I just found out that all of these eggs have Kit Kats in them!

Peter Cottontail made his way to our house over the weekend and left Hank some goodies. He liked his $1 Target bath time book the best! He also now currently has enough Kit Kat bars to last until next Easter. Easter was a fun filled day for him with lots of activity - enjoy the photos!

I was off Monday for a furlough day, which even though I don't get paid, it was worth it to have the day with my son. In the afternoon Brant and I went and met with our builder to sign our contract. Months of working on our house plans are done as well as pricing. Next step is to break ground, which we can't do until we settle on our current house. Thankfully we got a contract on it about two weeks ago. Pending the sale of the buyers house, we will settle on May 18.

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