Friday, June 11, 2010


Check Spelling

New Grocery Stores

We can still get pizza - we just have to drive further (Notice how HUGE this pie is.)

Loving the county life!

Trailer Sweet Trailer!

View from the trailer. You can see where our new home will be (it will be visible from the main road only when the leaves are gone!)

Beautiful sunsets and lots of lightning bugs at night.

We are adjusting. We have been in the trailer for almost three weeks now and getting used to being in North Harford again. It is actually more convenient, as far as being closer to our families. Since I have been driving Hank back and forth to our mothers in the morning and after work, my commute is actually better (even though in Bel Air I was a mile from work). The only thing I miss is being able to go home at lunch, and I feel like I have already adjusted to that as well. We are anxious to get our house started. This coming week they are supposed to start doing some clearing and grading, as well as drill the well.

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