Saturday, August 14, 2010

Moving Along.

Lots of progress was made this week with the house.  We had 30 loads of fill dirt come in and the grading start ( we STILL need more dirt!)  All the framing of the walls was done, and the placement of the kitchen cabinets was marked off.  The tubs have been installed, and the plumber has started his work.  All the windows and doors are in, and the concrete for the porches and garage was poured.  The stairs were also put in, and even the gas fireplace.

So much fun to be had!

Helping move rocks for a future garden.
The floors are in.
My kitchen window - I can't wait to have my kitchen!
Stairs to our guest room and my craft area.
A future reading nook?

This will keep us warm during the winter.

Hello down there!

Soon to be Home Sweet Home!

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