Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Laboring on Labor Day.

 Much is being done on the house.  The shingles are done, the siding is almost done, and the drywall was started last Tuesday, and is now done, except for the finishing work, of course.  We also picked out the finish we want for our wood floors.  Last night we had just left, from our nightly check in at the house, when we got a call from my Mom that the transformer in front of our house was on fire!  The electric company had just installed it yesterday.  Brant got over there and called 911 as well as the electric company.  By the time the fire company got there it had burned itself out.  THANK GOD!!!  Hank and I were back at the trailer and could see the fire sparking through the woods.  After a big pop the fire burned out.

We are happy to see so much being done.  They were even working on Labor Day!  We now have less than two months until our projected move in date!!

Back view of the house.

Siding going up.

Drywall was started in the Garage.

Happy Boy!
Looking through the front door.
Hank in his bedroom.

Our floor samples.

We were left a drywall happy face!
Laboring on Labor Day

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