Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sick Days and Snow Days!

Hard to believe January is almost over! It has been a month full of sickness and off and on snow.
We have all had nasal congestion off and on.  Brant had a 24 hour bug Christmas night into the next day.  Hank has had a few bouts of throwing up here and there.  Thank God his did not last long!
Last week he had croup.  That was his first trip to see the Doctor for a sick visit.
Now I have bronchitis.  Thankfully I got to the Doctor yesterday and am gradually starting to feel better.
We had snow overnight and more is falling now. 
"that's snow outside!"

Yes, I know I still have Christmas decorations up!

throwing snowballs "up in the sky."

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Deb Leroy said...

Glad to see you're feeling a little better - enough to enjoy the snow day with Hank. I should of come over b/4 the storm and slept in Mimi's new guest room so I could have joined you!