Saturday, October 6, 2012

Super Hank!

Hank turned 4 on September 18, and we had his party the following Sunday.
The theme was Superheros, which he was into until recently.  Now he says he doesn't like Batman!
That will probably change again!  Three was a challenging age...we shall see what four brings to us!
The party was very nice and we were blessed with great weather.  Hank loved the decorations and the pinata was a hit for him and the other kids!
The weekend before his birthday I took him, Luke, and Mimi to the ocean and on our way back we stopped at Toy's R Us to pick out a big boy bike.  Hank was in Heaven in the toy store and had to try out every bike.  He chose an orange one, his favorite color!  He always says, "thanks for buying that bike for me!"
He was upset on his actual birthday, because he could not understand why people were not there for his party!  I tried to tell him how lucky he was because he got to celebrate twice!   He didn't get that.
Anyhow, here are some photos, well a lot of photos:


Batman cake pops!  Mama works hard for her boys.
Super Gavin
Super Dean

Wonder Aubree
Super Luke

Batman and Robin, or Hank and Max?

Wonder Laina

Super Savannah
Super Son!

Hope all his wishes come true!


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