Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Coming to an end.

Today I used my last frozen bag of breast milk. For about the past two weeks I have not been pumping enough milk for the two bottles of milk that I send with Hank every day, so tommorrw he will have to have his first bottle of formula. I guess we did not do too bad considering he is going to be a year in two weeks and has made it this far without formula. What really helped was me staying home with him for the first three months and then being able to come home at lunch the following three months while Mom came to our house to watch Hank. Also the formula is what was sent to me free, so we did not have to buy any, which is good - it's very expensive. What I am going to use is what was sent to me free by the formula companies. When I was pregnant I thought I would probably be using formula so I requested the free samples. I even registered for formula - guess it was a good thing nobody bought me that.

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