Sunday, September 27, 2009

First Cold

Hank had his first cold this week. He started out with a runny nose and Monday night he had a lot of congestion and had a lot of trouble sleeping. We actually felt that was the worst night we ever had with him (as far as lack of sleep for us.) Friday I ended up taking him back to the Doctors (he had just been there Monday for his one year check up) because during the night he started with a cough. The Doctor said he has a virus and that the cough might be a mild croup. Now he seems to be getting better and last night slept all night in his crib - he has been sleeping with us all week. I also started with a cold during the middle of this past week. Both of my parents were sick, but are getting better too. A few weeks ago Brant was sick and finally was dx with Mono, but he has been doing a lot better the past week or two.

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