Monday, October 19, 2009

Grammy's Gourds

There was no sunshine yesterday, but at least after three days of all rain, we could go outside. Hank and I rode up to Brant's parents for a few hours, so Gramps could see Hank now that he walks. Brant's Mom (Grammy) had some gourds sitting out on her walk and Hank was allowed to pick what he wanted before we left. He picked out his favorite green and orange one and then turned around to get one more - a small orange one. Of course he tried to carry them both!
As you can tell he is wearing two different outfits. When we were outside earlier he got some mud on his pants - any excuse to change his outfits! I also think it's funny how he already had his sights on those same two gourds. The ones he played with earlier are the same two he grabbed when we left.

Hank now has six teeth. His new word is truck and he says it so clearly. When we are riding in the car he points to all the trucks and calls out "truck."

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