Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Deep Creek, Deep Freeze

We went to Deep Creek for a long weekend with Brant's family. They had had some snow/ ice on Friday morning so while we were there the snow had an icy crust on it. Due to the ice we could not take Hank out to sled, but we made due and used his sled indoors! Everyone skied but me. Now that I am a Mother (and the fact that it's been four years since I last skied) I chickened out. I kept thinking something would happen to me, especially with the extra ice.
I had fun anyway, just relaxing and playing with Hank. Brant's Mom and I took Hank to the Discovery Center and he had a lot of fun there. They had a lot of stuffed animals and a few live ones too. He really liked the stuffed bear and growled at it. He also liked the turtle, which happens to be a word he started saying in the last week (due to my Green Turtle shirt). He is saying so many things now and he just started to form new sound combinations. I love to listen to him and get him to say things.
He also got three new molars last week - all in the same day.

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Long and Foster said...

It looks like you had quite the trip! Deep Creek Lake is one of my favorite places to go with my family.