Saturday, March 13, 2010

And on his Farm he had a....

This morning I had Hank tell me the animal sounds he knows (enjoy the video). Who knows maybe he'll be a Farmer. He loves animals and tractors!
Last night I took him through the Mall while someone came to see our house, and there were lawn tractors on display - Hank was excited about that.
Today was a also a busy day. Hank and I left the house early and went to try out Terrific Tots. It is a toddler group, where children his age play and learn songs. It was so funny to see him with other children his age, and he had a lot of fun. One of the themes for the Spring Session is Farm Animals - how appropriate is that!
When she opened the book and said today's animal was the Pig, Hank was able to make his Pig noise. He was also excited to get his hand stamped with a Pig, as well as a stamp that said "I am a terrific tot."
From there we went to a Children's Consignment Sale and got a few goodies for Summer, including sandals.
It has been poring rain all day long, so thoughts of Summer are on my mind. The sale was at the Perryville Outlets so while we were there we went to the Osh Kosh Outlet too and got a few new goodies.
He is kind of at a stage where he has been wearing his clothes for longer periods, so I feel like he is getting better use out of his things.

He slept most of the way home, with a quick stop at Wendy's for lunch. We had to be out of the house until 2pm, as there were people coming today to see the house.

Hank is staying with my parents overnight, as Brant and I are going to a Bull Roast. Hopefully he will sleep well!

Before he left I was going through his photo album and he calls my Mom, Mimi and Brant's Mom, Mammy. He calls both of our father's Pop or Papa.
He also says Ara, for Sara (Chris' girlfriend) and says Mac for Max, his cousin.

I am trying to enjoy all the moments I have with him because I can already tell how fast time is moving.

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