Monday, December 27, 2010

Ho Ho Delivered!

He wanted to wear his Choo Choo jammies for Santa.

Thomas and Percy Chairs.

Playing trains on his new table.

Looking for the "trick or treat" (candy).

More Thomas stuff.

Looking through his new books with his new hat.

Sweet "Thomas" dreams under his new big boy sheets.

Hank had a wonderful Christmas and got his "Thomas stuff" from Santa.  He was very happy with all of his gifts, and liked to look at each one before moving onto the next gift.  He would get excited with unwrapping each gift and tell us what each one was. By the time our families came he was a pro with unwrapping gifts and couldn't wait to tear into the presents they brought.
Tonight he looked under the tree and asked where the presents were.  Not sure if he thinks he is supposed to get more?

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