Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hanging with the Big Girls!

Black Friday lunch at Chilli's.

Minnie is hanging out with the girls - she already knows how to pose!

Life has been busy.  Hard to believe Christmas is around the corner.  We have been busy decorating around and outside the house.  Hopefully tomorrow we will be getting our tree.  Last Friday Hank and I braved the Black Friday Crowds to go to York Galleria Mall.  We took Mimi with us, and she entertained Hank while I got some clothes at Gymboree.  We got there right before noon, and actually the crowds were not that bad.  We were also able to get a few things for ourselves too while at the mall.
We also met up with my cousins who were out shopping too and had lunch with them at Chilli's.

Last night I met up with Carrie and Cheryl for dinner out.  We always go out one Friday before Christmas.  We ate at Basta Pasta and went to Carrie's to see her new baby dog, Minnie. 

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