Friday, November 18, 2011

Change of Plans!

Well we were admitted to the hospital this afternoon.  I had an IV running.  I had not ate for 12 hours and it was time for me to be heading to the O.R.
Then the Doctor came in and said she had bad news and had to cancel it.
The reason was the other Doctors in the practice felt my hypertension problems were not bad enough to deliver the baby at 37 weeks.  They want to continue to wait until 39 weeks, when I was originally scheduled and just keep monitoring things.
That had to be one of the weirdest things ever!  I was so ready to have him, but I also want him to be healthy and so here we go...back to waiting!  Maybe he will decide to start things on his own?
Whatever happens I pray for a healthy baby.
Hank was so excited all day to see his baby brother.  He had been with Mimi during the day, but had come to the hospital to see me.  Mimi and Great Grand mom took him to the Toy Store and were about to go eat when we called them with the change of plans.  My parents were also at the hospital too.  Hank actually took the news that his brother was not ready to come out yet well.  I was afraid he would be really upset.

So instead of having a baby, we ate at Chick- Fil- A!

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