Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hank the Tank!

Hank was a train conductor / train for Halloween.  We went to Mimi and Mamp's neighborhood  for trick or treating and he had lots of fun.  He talked a lot the last few weeks about what he was going to be and it changed all the time.  He was going to be a pumpkin, Spider Man, a ghost, etc   Since I had the costume for about a month I had to tell him that everyone was going to give lots of candy to a train conductor, then he would say, "Me's going to be a train conductor."
I was able to walk to a good many houses with him and then I had to head back and relax.  At one house I asked him what he was supposed to say, and he said:  "Give me some candy....Please."  I was a little worried with that long pause!  One lady asked him what he was (his costume) and he said "Hank."

Photo time before heading to Mimi's house.

He Let the Choo Choo wear his hat.

All aboard!

Getting ready to head out and load up on candy cargo!

Is that Flynn the Fire Truck (a Thomas the Train  character)?

Trick or Treat!

What a life!

Lots of fun decorations to look at.  This was at one of Mommy's favorite houses!

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