Monday, March 26, 2012

Hank at 3 1/2

Hank is now 3 1/2 years old.

This has been the most difficult stage yet!  Two was wonderful, but three is a challenge!

He continues to go to school twice a week, and talks about his "buddy's" at school.
He just recently started saying his prayer, that he learned at school, before we eat!

He loves watching Scooby Doo and Batman on TV.  Those are his two favorite.
He loves Superheros, and Hot Wheels.  He also likes to play with Play Dough and spend time outside.

He is 40 inches and 41 pounds.

He is currently obsessed with games on the "puter."  He likes to play on Daddy's IPad or if someone has an IPhone...look out because he will try to take over your phone.
He loves to play Angry Birds, or as he calls it, "Naughty Birds."

He says lots of funny things, which I try and write down in his quote book  He has the best memory too and remembers everything.  He still loves to talk and will say, "Hey you remember when...." and then proceed to tell us something that happened a year ago.

Even tough he has had some challenging behavior, he is still a good boy and we love him lots!

Showing off his "Naughty Birds" tattoo

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