Sunday, March 25, 2012

Luke at Three Months.

Luke was three months on March 3.

I went back to work on Monday March 5, so that is the reason for this months delay.

Thankfully he got over the RSV he had in February.  I took him back to the Doctor the week following his E.R. visit and he then had an ear infection!  I am so glad I had decided to take him for a f/u appointment.  We were getting ready to go to Deep Creek for a long weekend and I wanted him to see the Doctor first.  He got on an antibiotic and was much better after a few days.

When we got back from Deep Creek I put him back in his bassinet to sleep ( he had been in his swing for weeks), but he was too big and kept hitting the sides all night.  The next night we put him in his crib and he did much better.  He starting sleeping from 9 pm until 5 am.  Of course now that I am back to work he gets up around 2 am.

He was very fussy with taking a bottle that first week I went back to work, but he eventually gave in and has been taking it well.

When he was at the Doctor on 2/17 he had weighed  15 lbs and 10 oz
We had him back to the Doctors on March 9 to f/u on his ear infection and he was just over 17 lbs!

Currently he loves to sit up in his Bumbo seat and watch the mobiles on his swing and in his crib.  He has been chewing on his hands a lot and cooing for us.

He is still in a size 2 diaper and wears 6 month clothing. 

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