Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pink in the house!

Two weeks ago I had my cousins baby shower.  She is having a little girl in early August.
So much fun having little girl things in the house.  The funny thing is she and I were very close growing up even though she was always a Tom Boy and I was always into the dolls and purses.  So now look at us....I have the boys and she is having a girl!  I told her we can trade off from time to time.  She can take my boys camping and I will take her girl shopping:)

fluffy sheep cupcakes.

Diaper motorcycle.  Thanks Pinterest!

Some of my baby clothes.  The Mommy to be got to wear them too!

We are going to be in BIG trouble in a few years!!

I can already envision the stories yet to be made!

Come on baby Haley.

Only boys three and under were allowed!

Haley's first sunglasses.  To wear fishing next year!

Two August babies...both girls!

These women only know how to have girls..seems kinda fishy to me!

Tiny toes!

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