Sunday, July 21, 2013

Luke at 19 months!

I had the best intentions of doing a post for Luke at 18 months, but that time came and went!
He is now 19 months and fast approaching 20 months.

He had his 18 month appointment on 6/20/13 and he was 27 lbs (80th %) and 32 1/2 inches (75th %).
He got two shots and did super well with them.  He has always been so good with getting those shots!
He currently wears size 18 to 24 month clothing and a size 5 diaper.
He has a size 6 wide foot.
He LOVES his shoes and hats!  He also likes to "hoard" and sort things.
For example right now he likes to take cups and plates out of his kitchen drawer and put them all on the table, then he will take them all and move them somewhere else.

He likes boy things, like jumping off furniture, playing with trucks and cars, and bugs.
He really likes animals too and will go up to cats and dogs and kiss them on the back.

His vocabulary has really started to expand in the last few weeks.  He says bug, nana for banana, bird, deer, and brother.  His two current favorite words are cookie and cupcake!
He shakes his head a lot for no and yes, and likes to make duck and dog noises.

He is a pretty good eater and will try anything.  He loves all breakfast foods, and pretzels, as well as his sweets.  He does well with fruits and pasta, and likes his fries too.  He also will eat most meats and veggies.  When he really gets something he likes he says num num num.

When he eats he often likes to have food in each hand, especially if he is having a snack.  Right now he likes to have a fork when he eats.  He likes water and milk.  Does not care for juice.
He really likes to brush his teeth too.

He used to be SUCH a Mama's boy, but over the past few months he has warmed up more to his Dada and looks for him a lot.  He likes to be outside with Dada and Hank when they are doing boy things, like riding on the tractor or the Gator.

He has a temper and sometimes acts like a little brute, but he also will surprise you with a hug and a kiss, when you weren't expecting it.

We love him so much!


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