Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ax Woman

Brant and I watch the show Ax Men on the Discovery Channel. This photo reminds us of that show - it's about the timber trade in Oregon and the men who harvest the trees, in case you don't know.

The timber harvesters are up at my parents right now getting some trees. Around the time that Hank was born we decided that we wanted to be back up in the North Harford area, so we are in the early stages of building a home on a piece of property that is owned by my parents. The trouble was, my parents signed a contract to sell trees right before we told them what we wanted to do, and of course some of the trees were on the area we want to build. Luckily things are working out and they are getting the trees in our area sooner than expected. Brant, Dad, and I went over there yesterday to mark off the area we are planning to put the house on, so that we could get more trees removed now while the harvesters are there.

This photo is not the best, because it was taken with Brant's cell phone, but it's neat just the same.


Deb Leroy said...

Trees are incredible - I am so happy to see progress towards your little family living in your dream home up in North Harford country - great schools up here! I hope they leave a big tree for Hank and Brant to build their 1st treehouse.

Sharon said...

Don't worry there will still be plenty of trees. We are just trying to get the ones that would be too close to the house. It's hard to visualize what everything will look like when you are standing there in the woods.