Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

My first Mother's Day!
It has been busy busy busy. Friday Hank and I went to the church Mother Daughter Banquet - he was so good. Saturday we spent the day with my Mom and went shopping in Shrewsbury. A lot of older people came up to him at the Farmer's Market and talked to him. One older gentleman gave him four quarters to put in his piggy bank.
This morning Hank and Brant made me breakfast. We are going to go out at lunch time and do something together - maybe buy Mommy a nice purse! This afternoon we are getting crabs and going to Brant's parents.

Happy Mama's Day Everyone!


Cousin Kathleen said...

Hi Brant, Sharon , and Hank,

Aunt Sonia and I are sitting here looking at Hank's pictures. What a cute boy!!!! He looks very happy.
Hope you guys enjoy the crabs today. Did Brant catch any rock fish for dinner? Happy Mother's day!! Love Cousin Kathleen

Sharon said...

Yes Brant has been catching rock fish and we had some to go along with our crabs. It was a very nice weekend. I am so happy you left me a comment too!