Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Milestone

Hank has reached another milestone. As of today he can totally sit up on his own. For the past week he has been practicing with pillows or someone behind him, but today he did it all by himself. He is really starting to be a big boy. Last night I reminded Brant how this time last year we used to lay on the couch and he would say; "I can't wait until he(Hank)is here sitting on the couch with us."

Today was just a day at home. Brant mowed and I planted some of my flowers until it started to pour down rain. Hank went with me yesterday to the nursery to get my flowers. He loves to go out and see people and he is always so good. He also went with me to my cousin's bridal shower on Saturday and we went to Barnes and Nobel and got him some new books. Hank likes to look at books.
Brant was away fishing and came home yesterday. I asked where the fish were - they ate them Saturday night:(

Happy Memorial Day - It's now Summer Time (unofficially).

The one photo is of Hank sitting up today. The second photo is from yesterday. I had all the flowers loaded in the back of the truck and you can see Hank's little face peaking around the seat.

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