Friday, December 18, 2009

Shop Til You Drop!

Today I took the day off because Hank had his 15 month check up. He did well at the Doctors, even though he had to get three needles. He is 27.2 lbs and 32 1/2 inches. He is still in the 90th percentile for his height and in the 80 - 85th percentile for weight. He continues to eat very well and loves everything. Some of his new words are socks, which he always takes off as soon as he can. He says hot and blows on his food and now says Ho Ho, for Santa.
He also says night night and outside. He knows everything we say to him and is a total Ham now.

After his appointment today he went to Target with me and fell asleep in the cart. We ended up going on other errands also and ate lunch at Uno's with Brant, who was also off today. He was such a good boy and did so well. At the grocery store we tried on a Santa hat. He really liked that Ho Ho hat, so I bought it for him!
We were in there stocking up for the BIG snow storm that we are supposed to get this weekend.

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