Thursday, December 31, 2009

Philadelphia Princess

Last weekend Brant and I went up to Philadelphia and stayed overnight. We went to the Princess Di exhibit that is currently going on at the Constitution Center. It was my birthday gift, which we had to reschedule from the week before due to the big snowstorm. I was really glad I got to see it and it was not crowded when we went through. I think my favorite thing was being able to see her Wedding Dress. My parents watched Hank while we were away, which was his first overnight. He did well and slept all night and then went to church with them the next day.
I was not able to take any photos in the exhibit, but we could in the rest of the museum. The photos of us are from the signing of the Constitution.

Hank is currently getting through his third cold. He did not sleep well the night before last, so yesterday I stayed home with him, so he would not have to leave the house. Today Grammy came and stayed with him. Tonight we are staying in and ringing in the New Year just the three of us!

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