Monday, September 5, 2011

Early Birthday Present!

We have been looking at play sets for several months.  Luckily I found a new one on Craig's list for a fairly good price.  It was an end of season clearance, so it saved us about $500 dollars.
We went this past Saturday and picked it up with the help of Uncle PJ.   Uncle Chris also helped us with setting it up.  Daddy spent most of yesterday staining it too.  Hank sees it in the morning and can't wait to go out to it; "My loves my play set!"  It is his Birthday present and also a reward for doing so well with potty training.
He  has been doing super great with that and wears under ware all the time, except at night.  I still put a diaper on at night.
He always wants to know if we are proud of him, and yes we are!

Getting it on the trailer to go home!

He was bringing his sand toys down before it was even set up.

Aye Aye Captian.

So proud!

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