Thursday, September 22, 2011

And on his farm he had a PARTY!


This past Sunday was Hank's Third Birthday.  We also had his party that day too.  It was all about farm animals and tractors.  We had yummy food, plenty of presents, friends and relatives, beautiful weather,and even a hay ride!
Leading up to the party, Hank would ask, "is today my party?", or "is today my birthday?"
He had a great time and when we asked him if he liked his party he said,"yes my did!"

I got lots of things for the party off of Etsy 

I got some cute decorating ideas off of Pinterest

cupcakes, tractor wagon cake, cow tails, and cow cake pops!

I had to bribe him with a Hershey Kiss to stay still for this photo!

Loved opening gifts....he kept saying "yippee" or "happy birthday."

Make a wish!

Loves his sweets...I had flashbacks to his 1st birthday cake!

Looks like next year there are going to be LOTS of 1 year old parties!!

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