Sunday, August 9, 2009

Into Everything!

Hank continues to get into EVERYTHING! Today as I was flushing the toilet I saw one of his paci's in there. He can get the lids open just a little bit and then he cries because he gets his fingers stuck. Anything that opens - he's getting into it. He took out my plug-in air freshener the other night. So now that is in a higher outlet, that he can't reach. We had already installed outlet covers, so now we need to look into cabinet locks and maybe toilet locks. This house is going to turn into Fort Dix. He really likes the vacuum cleaner. He laughs when Brant gets the small one out at night and when I have the big one out, he follows me down the hall. I feel like the pied piper! He loves to yell out and "talk." Yesterday we were shopping with my Mom and I was pushing Hank in the stroller looking for her. I didn't have to look long because everyone in the store could hear Hank coming.

I have broken down and realized that he needs a haircut. His bangs are getting into his eyes. Just another piece of babyhood waiting to disappear - another first here and gone. Probably this week we will get that done. I'll post before and after photos. I am sure I will be sweeping up every last bit of hair to save - I still have his umbilical cord too. Not sure what to do with that. Maybe if he gets married one day I'll give it to him as a reminder to not forget his Mother.

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