Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yee Haw and You Won't BEElieve this.

Here are photos of another yard sale find - he really can't master riding the horse now, but when he is a little older I imagine him boucing his way down the hall.

Also, Hank got his first bee stings Saturday night. I took him out on the deck right before dark and we were sitting there when yellow jackets came out from the grill. One landed on his face and I freaked out - I was yelling and brushed it off his face and ran into the house. From what we could tell he looked to have one or two stings on his face and one on his leg, but the little welts on his face were gone very quickly and by this morning I could not see any mark on his leg either. Not every first is a good one, but he did well and I was very thankful he was okay.

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debleroy said...

I am laughing out loud just imagining Hank's little face when he realized he wasn't getting his paci back from the toilet and yours when you saw it there!